Dragon Ancestor Revival Plan

Dragon Ancestor Revival Plan -A World-Level Quest in DragonWorld

Warriors have obtained the very rare DragonEgg and DragonSoul through their hard work, but these cannot be directly hatched. This is because the world of DragonWorld is under the absolute control of the Dragon Ancestor, who has been in a slumber for reasons unknown. Warriors need to provide enough Obsidian to awaken the Dragon Ancestor, thereby initiating the hatch process.

Changes with UniFat

UniFat will introduce the Farming feature for DragonSoul, allowing the staking of DragonSoul to obtain Obsidian. This Obsidian is then sacrificed to the Dragon Ancestor, aiding in the revival process. Once the Dragon Ancestor is revived, all DragonEggs will unlock infinite potential, enabling the hatch function.

Rewards for Sacrifice

The Dragon Ancestor will reciprocate with Attribute Evolution Points, Star Upgrade Cards, and Level-Up Cards. The more Obsidian sacrificed, the greater the rewards received.

Reward Details

Attribute Evolution Points: cover six aspects of attributes, which can be used to enhance the capabilities of a Dragon. They can be used personally or traded freely.

Star Upgrade Cards: can elevate a Dragon's awakening star level.

Level-Up Cards: directly upgrade to the next level, for example, from Epic to Legendary.

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