Dragon World Introduction

What is DragonWorld?

DragonWorld is the first NFT game incubated by the UniFat platform.

The game integrates the excellent elements of World of Warcraft and the Palworld, including Dragon growth, Dragon adventures, single and multiplayer dungeons, Dragon mining, Dragon production farms, and a series of other interesting elements.

To enhance the game's interactivity and fun, players can freely trade their in-game items with other players in DragonWorld, as DragonWorld seamlessly integrates with UniFat's Marketplace.

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Game Content

  • Dragons battle to obtain weekly rewards.

  • Dragons form teams to undertake instance adventures and obtain instance rewards.

  • Dragons undertake wandering missions to gain attribute enhancements and wandering rewards.

  • Dragons undertake mining missions to obtain basic materials and DragonSoul.

  • Dragons participate in monthly competitive scoring rankings to obtain monthly rewards.

  • Battle Royale: Each DragonEgg comes with a certain number of unique fragments at birth. DragonEggs can increase their unique fragment count through actions like check-ins and mining. Another important method of acquisition is plundering.

    • Plundering allows for same-level plundering, lower levels teaming up to plunder higher levels, and higher levels plundering one level lower (plundering is not allowed if the level difference exceeds one).

    • There is a certain success rate for same-level plundering, but inviting a lower-level DragonEgg as a follower can increase the success rate of same-level plundering.

    • Lower-level DragonEggs can invite more of their kind to form an alliance and plunder higher-level DragonEggs.

Dragon Equipment

Each Dragon can equip powerful weapons, armor, and accessories.

Currently, there are 15 types of equipment: two-handed weapons, one-handed weapons, relics, shields, shoulders, wrists, gloves, pants, shoes, cloaks, necklaces, rings, helmets, belts, and chests.

Only one piece of equipment can be equipped in each category at a time.

Equipment can greatly enhance the Dragon's basic attributes, and some equipment may also come with exclusive magics.

Dragon Magic

Every Dragon needs to learn powerful Dragon language magic. A Dragon without magic is not a complete Dragon.

Currently, there are six types of Dragon language magic: recovery, attack, attribute buff, attribute debuff, food creation, and equipment creation.

Only one type of magic can be learned at a time in each category, and there is a limit to the number of magics that can be learned. This limit can be increased through spending, training, or food.

Dragon Food

Food is the source of a Dragon's strength.

Currently, there are four types of food: HP/MP/AP recovery, permanent attribute enhancement, temporary attribute enhancement, and mysterious types (such as increasing the skill learning limit).

Dragon Mounts

Will Dragon mounts be Dragons? No, peace must be maintained between Dragons.

Mounts will be sci-fi and incredible things, not yet specified, leaving room for community imagination. However, it's certain that mounts will enhance a Dragon's combat power.

Dragon Pets

Dragons can care for and nurture their pets in their spare time, which can provide additional assistance to the Dragon once the pets reach a certain level of growth.

Dragon Followers

Are Dragon followers also Dragons?

We are not sure, but they will definitely assist Dragons in many interesting activities.

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