What is a Referral Fee

A Referral Fee is a rebate mechanism provided by the UniFat platform to KOLs and users as a reward for referring new users to the platform.

This rebate applies to all inscription exchanges activities on the UniFat platform.

Referral Fee Model

On the UniFat platform, any user (e.g., User A) can invite other users to participate.

When invited users (e.g., Users B, C, D, etc.) engage in inscription exchanges on the platform, the user who invited them (User A) will receive a Referral Fee.

UniFat employs a three-tier invitation model, A->B->C->D, meaning that even users further down the multi-tiered chain (e.g., User D) who conduct transactions will still generate rebates for the initial inviter (User A).

Source of Referral Fees

Referral Fees are directly sourced from UniFat's protocol fees, meaning that existing Exchange users will not perceive any difference or additional charges when using the platform.

Referral Fee Ratios

The rebate ratios supported by UniFat for its three-tier invitation system are as follows:

  • First Tier: 0.25% of the trading fee as a rebate

  • Second Tier: 0.05% of the trading fee as a rebate

  • Third Tier: 0.015% of the trading fee as a rebate

This tiered structure is designed to reward users for promoting the UniFat platform and to encourage more user participation and transactions.

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