Chapter 1 - Return of the Ancestral Dragon

DragonSoul Forge - Obsidian Mysteries

In the distant DragonWorld, legendary dragon guardians have discovered a powerful force—obsidian. This mysterious mineral, imbued with the ancient wisdom and power of the dragon race, serves as the sacred bond connecting the dragon race with the Ancestral Dragon. By participating in the "DragonSoul Forge - Obsidian Mysteries" event, warriors will have the opportunity to mine this rare resource by staking DragonSoul.

Obsidian is not only a legacy of the dragon civilization but also key to initiating Ancestral Dragon quests and completing Ancestral Dragon sacrifices. Its discovery brings unprecedented opportunities and challenges to DragonWorld. Only the strongest and wisest dragon knights, with the help of obsidian, can awaken the slumbering Ancestral Dragon, unveil the secrets of the dragon race, and achieve supreme glory and power.

By taking part in "DragonSoul Forge - Obsidian Mysteries," you will not only become a member of the dragon guardians but also have the chance to explore the unknown mysteries of DragonWorld, fight alongside the Ancestral Dragon, and protect the glory of the dragon race. Prepare your DragonSoul and join this epic adventure. Let's mine obsidian together and usher in a new era for the dragon race!

Obsidian Awakening - Return of the Ancestral Dragon

In the vast realms of DragonWorld, an unprecedented mission awaits the bravest of dragon guardians—"Obsidian Awakening: Return of the Ancestral Dragon". This sacred ceremony, through the sacrifice of precious obsidian, transfers power to the slumbering Ancestral Dragon, aiding its revival.

The revival of the Ancestral Dragon is not just a rejuvenation of the dragon race's power, but also the birth of new life. As the Ancestral Dragon awakens from its slumber, dragon eggs will begin to hatch, signaling the addition of new members to the dragon race and the dawn of a new era. Warriors, it's time to gather your obsidian and take part in this sacred sacrifice, becoming a part of dragon race legend.

In respect and reward for the sacrificers, the Ancestral Dragon will bestow powerful rewards—Attribute Upgrade Cards, Star Level Upgrade Cards, and Rank Upgrade Cards. These rewards will not only enhance your dragon race guardians but also forge unparalleled glory for you in DragonWorld.

"Obsidian Awakening: Return of the Ancestral Dragon" represents a reminiscence of the past, anticipation for the future, and the deepest wish in every dragon race guardian's heart. Join us, to witness the revival of the Ancestral Dragon and begin a new chapter for the dragon race!

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