NRC20 Inscription Trading

The UniFat contract already supports NRC20 trading, allowing users to trade NRC20 on UniFat just like BRC20.

Now, users can trade NRC20 inscriptions on the unifat platform.

How to Trade

1.Go To MarketPlace

Select the inscription you want to trade

eg: DragonEgg

2.See The Market and Yourself Inscription

switch by the All and My.

3.Set Price

switch to My, can see all your inscriptions.

choose one and click "Set Price", Set the quantity you want to sell, which is the Near quantity.

Then, send the transaction and you will see your inscription appear in all lists.

4.Sell Success

If the sale is successful, you do not need to do anything.

You will automatically obtain the sales quantity of the inscription, and of course a part of the platform transaction fee will be deducted.

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