Dragon Ranking

As the legendary Ancestral Dragon gradually awakens, its power grows stronger, and it is now ready to bestow more blessings upon the heroes of the Brave Continent, rewarding those warriors who have contributed to the revival of the Ancestral Dragon and those DragonEggs with immense potential. Our meticulously designed DragonRanking feature aims to recognize the most outstanding contributors and the most promising DragonEggs.

Our leaderboard rewards are divided into several unique categories:

  • Obsidian Contribution Leaderboard: Celebrates warriors who have made significant contributions to the revival of the Ancestral Dragon.

  • Top 8 Attributes Leaderboard: Honors the DragonEggs that are the strongest in each of the eight attributes.

  • Most Backpacks Leaderboard: Rewards the warriors with the largest collection of backpacks.

  • Most DragonEggs Leaderboard: Commends those who have gathered the most DragonEggs.

The Ancestral Dragon generously provides rewards including DGS coins and two types of upgrade cards. The upgrade cards are divided into Attribute Upgrade Cards and Level Upgrade Cards: the Attribute Upgrade Cards can enhance the attributes of DragonEggs, while the Level Upgrade Cards can elevate the level of DragonEggs, for example, directly advancing from Rare to Epic.

Top-ranked users on the leaderboard will all receive rewards, and the higher the ranking, the more generous the rewards. This is our recognition of the warriors' courage and continuous pursuit of excellence, as well as a motivation for every warrior on the Brave Continent to continue contributing to the revival of the Ancestral Dragon.

How to Participate in the Ranking Competition?

In the LeadBoard page of DragonWorld, select the ranking competition you wish to join.

Once on the specific ranking page, click the "Join the Leaderboard" button. This action will record your current data into the smart contract.

Please note that our smart contract does not automatically update your data. Therefore, if you perform an action that changes your data, you must click "Join the Leaderboard" again for the smart contract to refresh the leaderboard listing.

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