UniFat Inscription

This is the platform inscription of UniFat and the first inscription.

It is in the NRC161 form, meaning it will be simply wrapped into a NEP141 token later.

50% of UniFat platform's revenue will be used for adding LP to UniFat inscriptions, 20% for reward pools, and 30% for market incentives.

UniFat is the governance token of the UniFat platform. In their first mint, each user will be able to free mint 21 unit.


TotalSupply: 21,000,000


Standards:NRC161(then wrapped to Fungible Token Standard NEP-141)

Minting Fee:

  • First 21 units: 0.009 NEAR

  • 21 to 42 units: 0.012 NEAR

  • 42 to 63 units: 0.015 NEAR

  • 63 to 84 units: 0.018 NEAR

  • 84 to 105 units: 0.024 NEAR

  • 105 to 147 units: 0.036 NEAR

  • Exceed 147 units: 0.024 NEAR

The free minting of the first 21 tokens helps alleviate network congestion while also increasing decentralization, as users must pay fees to mint any tokens beyond that initial amount.

For those truly passionate about UniFat and willing to support its growth through minting fees, you will receive VIP membership. As a VIP, you can expect prioritized customer support and exclusive benefits recognizing your meaningful contribution to the project's success.

All minting fees are recorded transparently on the public smart contract, maintaining trust and transparency for all use

Use Cases

Upon completion of minting, the NRC161 UniFat tokens will be wrapped into the fungible NEP-141 standard. UniFat can then be used for:

  • Sharing platform revenues through staking

  • Earning rewards from staking other tokens

  • Participating in UniFat's governance

Overall, the UniFat token aims to power a thriving decentralized community through its versatile utility and governance roles

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