this is a MeMe token

Chapter One: The Legacy of the Dragon Clan

In ancient times, the great Dragon Clan ruled the land of UniFat, possessing endless power and wisdom.

As time passed, the dragons disappeared, but their power was sealed within the mysterious eggs known as DragonEgg.

These eggs contain the essence of the Dragon Clan, and only the bravest and wisest adventurers can awaken them.

Chapter Two: The Fusion of Power

Warriors can create more powerful high-level DragonEggs by synthesizing lower-level DragonEggs. Each fusion releases greater power.

Chapter Three: The Awakening of Dragon Eggs

Warriors can decide the hatching direction of these dragon eggs, which can be Lonk, BlackDragon, Near, Ref, or other tokens.

We call this process 'Awakening,' which stimulates the potential inside the dragon eggs, preparing them for the upcoming hatching.

Chapter Four: Hatching

The key to hatching DragonEgg lies in the mysterious DragonSoul MeMeToken.

This token is the essence of the Dragon Clan's power and an indispensable element in the hatching process.

Only by injecting enough DragonSoul can the dormant Dragon Eggs fully hatch, releasing the true Dragon Clan guardians.

Chapter Five: Token Circulation and Value

To support the hatching of DragonEgg and future adventures, DragonSoul MeMeToken will be widely circulated within the community.

60% of the tokens will be airdropped to supporters, 20% will be used to provide liquidity, and the remaining 20% will be stored in the UniFat treasury for collaborative projects and future development.

As DragonSoul is used in hatching, its deflationary nature will gradually become apparent, increasing its scarcity and value.

Chapter Six: Alliance and Future Journey

The DragonEgg project is not just a hatching journey, it also represents a powerful alliance with other project parties.

Through interaction and fusion with other MeMeTokens, DragonEgg and DragonSoul will embark on a cross-project fantasy adventure, bringing new vitality and opportunities to the entire blockchain world.


Name: DragonSoul

Symbol: DGS

Decimal: 6


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000(60% for Airdrop, 20% for LP, 20% for Treasury)

  • 9% for DragonEgg holders, the rarer the DragonEgg, the larger the quantity of its airdrop.

  • 6% for DragonEgg game participant

  • 4% for DragonEgg trader

  • 3% for Top User in DragonEgg game, Rewards for loyal UniFat users

  • 25% for those who paid Near to the UniFat platform, eg: mint fee for DragonEgg, UniFat(small part of it will be used for other inscriptions), game fee, trading fee, etc.

  • 10% for the NEAR/Solana/Evm/BTC/... community (blackdragon, lonk, neko, shitzu, BRC20...), don’t worry, this part will be a task airdrop, benefiting the MeMe community

  • 2% for partners

  • 1% for team, linear release within two years

  • 20% to add to LP

  • 20% will be sent to the treasury and used for other activities in the future

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